Starting program from January 10, 2020

The following lesson plans are designed to be a suggested guideline of what to cover in each lesson segment. You have the flexibility within each lesson of which topic(s) to cover, however, it is recommended each lesson provides an on-course experience after the instruction segment. Each lesson will include elements introducing participants to the history, etiquette and values associated with the game. Remember each session should run 60- to 90-minutes and golf clubs and balls should be available for students at no cost.

Starting program from July 22, 2020

Starting program from June 8, 2020

3 Months golf improvement with individual KPI

NBC Learn, in partnership with the United States Golf Association, explores the science of golf. In this segment, the physics behind the development of golf clubs is discussed, comparing designs from the past and present. Visit www.NBCLearn.comĀ  for more.

VICO Golf Rangers

MontD'Or Golf Club

Persada Golf Academy